Basketball Today

The international growth of basketball today has reached heights unimaginable. Basketball apparel and player popularity has affected the entire industry of the game. Billions upon billions of dollars are spent yearly by fans to appreciate the sport and its growing familiarity worldwide. Representing basketball speaks not only of one’s particular interests, but also suggests their involvement with the sport and how much it has affected their life. One may have a room covered with LeBron and Cavalier posters, or a car having the Warriors logo on the name plate and a flag sticking out of the window. All in all, representing basketball gives people an identity and helps to promote the sport in a trendy and vogue way. Not only is the sport continuing to rise, but the excitement and urge to watch and support the game shifts basketball solitarily in the world of sports.

Supporting the sport is one thing, but playing it throughout a portion of your life can be life changing. Basketball is starting to become an outlet for many young players into college, and also a profession for the highly talented. Poor and underprivileged high school athletes can now use basketball to provide themselves a free college education. For some, basketball can be the difference of whether their life will be lived impoverished or if they’ll be making millions a year. Research has shown that over 75% of NBA players were raised in urban areas and have dealt through financial struggles at some point in their life. The emotional effect that this game has on individuals and families is certainly of a great magnitude. One can imagine the joy that spreads once a player signs a million dollar contract to play overseas or hears his name called in the NBA draft.

Respecting the game and all that it has done for millions of people worldwide is a must. Childhoods are created, lives are affected, and all in all, the game is constantly spreading and grabbing the interests of many.







About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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