The Warriors have lived up to, if not, exceeded the expectations that they have for this year’s season. Adding Durant to the roster presented a challenge of team chemistry and resilience. The new big three had to greatly adjust towards sharing the spotlight. From carrying the Thunder offensively throughout most of the season last year, KD could’ve only expected team play in both sides of the game when he made his arrival to the Bay. Overall, the Dubs have displayed dominance and consistency throughout this season. With Klay, Steph, and KD each averaging over 20 points a night and along with the Dubs’ hounding defense that is ranked at the top of the league, the Warriors certainly have the chance to win it all.

Team play is one thing, but injuries were a huge factor that slowed down the warriors during their last postseason run. This year, rest and patience are the keys towards establishing a strong start to this years postseason. With Curry experiencing his ankle issues come playoff time and Iguodala going through chronic back pains as well as Bogut having knee issues, the team’s motor went down and the consistency of play started to diminish, causing confusion and irregularity amongst the chemistry. Avoiding such mishaps and drastic changes can be avoided through proper rest for the players as well as maintaining a steady play throughout the season and simply raising the level of intensity come playoff time.

Bringing the Bay a second title this decade is no easy task considering the loss to the Cavs this Christmas. Stardom doesn’t seem to be a factor when both teams clash; Cleveland was once again able to display their vivacity when trailing. Team play and consistency are the two most important factors that dictate whether the Dubs win it all this year or fall short once again. Although they’ve been solid throughout most of this season, they’ve occasionally fell down in the 4th during crunch time. The Warriors staff was excellent this off season as they pulled off what many would’ve thought as “impossible” and “unrealistic” with the signing of Kevin Durant. Now all that is needed is the answer to whether or not this super team (in my opinion, a fantasy team in 2k) can win it all.

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