Rise of the Guards

The game has completely revolutionized since the past decades. Not only has the usage of the three-point shot increased dramatically, but the presence and importance of the center position has decreased. Offenses no longer include multiple touches to the post; ball screens, isolations, and pick and rolls are primarily its main structure. There’s no longer a 7 foot Shaq calling for the ball to bully everyone in the paint, and no Hakeem Olajuwon to dream shake any defender in front of him. Instead, guards have the spotlight now, since crossovers and long distant threes are the crowd pleasers and fit the offensive schemes. However, there’s another twist to how this generation’s playing style has affected the players; smaller NBA players now have huge advantages. Isaiah Thomas, Steph Curry, and Kyrie Irving are all examples of how the three point shot and the new offensive style of play has benefited their careers. Screens and isolations help them to get their shots off and use their handle to create scoring opportunities, which contributes significantly towards the teams success and momentum. It’s surprising to believe that the game has shifted from the dominance of 7 footers in the paint to 6 foot guards outside the perimeter. Although former players feel as though the new style is “disgraceful” and “not basketball”, it’s important to consider that the game will continue to change throughout the years,

About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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