Hell for the Sixers

Two years ago, the 76’ers drafter the 7 foot center Joel Embiid. In hopes to drastically improve as a team, Philadelphia was heartbroken after Embiid broke his foot. After an embarrassing season, Philly was excited to bring in Jahlil Okafor, who would add to the post presence amongst Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid. However for a second time, Embiid got injured, and was out for the whole season. The Sixers ended up finishing last in the Eastern Conference, showing how broken apart their team is.

Though they got the number 1 pick for this years draft, what took place yesterday certainly upset the entire city of Philly. The number 1 pick and Rookie-of-the-year-predicted Ben Simmons broke his left foot. Out for three months, this injury was a major setback for the 76’ers. The hopes of starting fresh for another season is once again deteriorated in a fashion similar to what the Sixers have experience for the past two seasons. Nevertheless, despite the Sixers being hurt with a chance of starting out the season better than last year’s, Ben Simmons has also lost a large percentage of his chances to win the Rookie of the year award.

If there’s any word to describe how this upcoming season will be for the Sixers, it’s “hell”.The new super teams that have formed in the east makes the playoff competition an extreme challenge for all teams. Moreover, replacing Ben Simmons isn’t an easy task, especially when the team lacks star players. It just happens to be that luck is never in the favor of the Sixers, which makes the upcoming season another black hole for Philly.

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