Have the Rockets Vanished?

The Houston Rockets were a Western Conference favorite the year James Harden and Dwight Howard teamed up. Harden’s MVP like performance during the 2014-2015 season along with Howard’s strong presence in the paint presented a huge threat towards any opponent. The nucleus was already in the Rocket’s roster to make run towards the championship; a strong defensive team along with an offense mostly carried by Harden, who created plays for his teammates and scored in clutch situations. After trailing 3-1 against the Clippers and making a historic comeback only to fall short against the Warriors, everything plummeted from then on.

Chemistry proved to be the main deciding factor on how the Rockets would perform in the upcoming season, however it was a fail. Harden and Howard did not cooperate. As an All-Star throughout most of his career, Howard demanded many touches to the ball. However it was Harden’s team, and the ball in his hands was what the Rockets looked for. Despite additions to the team such as Ty Lawson and Michael Beasley, the Rockets would still fall short in the first round of the 2016 Playoffs to the Warriors once again, where chemistry had completely drained the team’s moral. With the Howard trade to the Hawks, the Rockets are looking to rebuild another championship caliber team in the years to come, although the spotlight will still remain on the Dubs.

The potential rebirth of Clutch City in the 2015 post season has drastically fallen. Houston, we have a problem.



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