2016-2017 NBA Season Predictions

The outcome of last year’s NBA season was none other than shocking to most people. A record breaking 73 win Warriors team fell short against the Cavaliers, who finally found their groove after game 3 and went on to win in game 7. As entertaining and epic last regular season and postseason was, teams have drastically changed coming into the 2016-2017 NBA season. The emergence of multiple super teams is what’s new. The Warrior’s addition of Kevin Durant, the Maverick’s pickups of Barnes and Bogut, and also the Bull’s addition of D-Wade as well as the Knick’s new playoff-bound team have caught lots of attention.

For the dubs, expectations have risen drastically ever since the Durant trade. A championship is expected for next season since the team has two MVPs playing with each other (three if you count 2 time Shaqtin a Fool MVP Javale Mcgee). However chemistry along with sacrifice remain huge obstacles that the Warriors are going to have to overcome in order to fulfill their expectations.

Despite the dominant Warriors and the constant powerhouses in the West, the Eastern Conference has taken a huge leap in its competitiveness. The road to the finals is no longer a cake walk for the Cleveland Cavaliers; teams like the Bulls, Knicks, and the developing Pistons and Celtics squads now oppose a serious threat. All in all, the NBA will be looking much newer and unpredictable next season.






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