NBPA Votes Harden as League’s MVP

It was all said and done after the 2014-2015 NBA regular season. Stephen Curry would be named the league’s most valuable player after leading his team to the number one overall record. Nevertheless, his runner-up James Harden had different feelings as to who should’ve taken home the award, some feelings in which Curry had felt were a bit “aggressive”, but fortunately for him, a second chance came about.

The NBPA’s award ceremony was not only a time to recognize players through a variety of  awards, but was a time to show the media the true opinions of the NBA athletes and how they vote for the awards. As usual, the MVP award is what draws the most attention out of any, and this time, it all went to James Harden. After what many thought to be Curry’s award, seeing Harden hold up the trophy was shocking to a lot of people. Although Curry may be the best player on the best team in basketball, it’s hard not to recognize Harden and the load he’s had to carry throughout the season.

It is fairly reasonable that the players voted for Harden as the MVP. With an injured Dwight Howard half the season and with a support cast not so efficient as one Curry was accompanied by, James Harden led the Rockets to the number 2 seed in the West, and took them them far in the playoffs in which they reached the Western Conference Finals. His consistency on the court kept the Rockets alive throughout the season, and therefor, it was well deserving of him to achieve the  NBPA’s MVP award.


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