2015-2016 NBA Season

The recent trades in the offseason have completely changed the picture going into the 2015-2016 regular season. Deron Williams departs to Dallas, Lance enters LA, and Rondo urges his way to the Kings, hoping he can help to re-shape the team. Drama including Deandre Jordan and his choice to abandon the Mavericks at the last second and re-sign with the Clips is perhaps just a glimpse of how powerful they’ll be next season. Along with the addition of Lance Stevenson and a possibility to re-sign Jamal Crawford, the Clippers certainly have a lot of pieces to make a run for the ‘ship.

Nevertheless, the Clippers are in the Western Conference, which in fact, is the most dominant Conference in the league and includes the reigning champions Golden State Warriors alongside a consistent Spurs squad and a hungry Thunder team with their two superstars who both are contenders for the MVP award each year. Speaking of OKC, frequent injuries among Durant and Westbrook has been the only reason holding them back from emerging into finals appearances. However, next year isn’t just an easy stroll towards the Finals on the West Side. San Antonio has proven to be a title contender every year, and with the addition of LaMarcus Aldridge, their limits look higher than ever. Furthermore, Dub nation has proven to overcome every obstacle they faced for the last 45 years after winning the title, and their ambitions lead towards a thought of a two-peat next season.

One can look at LeBron’s brilliant performance in the NBA Finals and say it was unbelievable, and most Cavs fan can conclude that the title would’ve been theirs if Irving and Love had been healthy. With all these ideas swarming around after the finals, it’s realistic to state that the Cavaliers will make their way to the finals next season, but only reality will reveal whether they come out on top or fall short once again.

The upcoming NBA season is going to be full of surprises and drastic moments. Above all, the run to the championship will be something special to see.


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