Another Win for the Spurs?

The city of San Antonio holds the top first-class NBA organization in the league. There’s arguably no other team in the NBA as strategic, tactical, and experienced as the Spurs. It’s been a year by year tradition of winning for the Spurs in the past decade, and signing Lamarcus Aldridge for another 5 years brings them back to a stronger championship contending team. The Splitter Trade with the Hawks was an extremely huge risk at first, but became a huge relief once they had gotten what they wanted. Nevertheless, Popovich will be around with the organization throughout Aldridge’s 5 years, which ensures that the Spurs will be a long way from not over. Overall, the focus is clearly on Aldridge. How will he perform? Will he bring championship spirit/mentality to the team? The list of questions go on and on for the Spurs and their upcoming season with Lamarcus, but the main question lies; will the spurs contend for another championship?.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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