Playoff Picture for the T-Wolves?

It’s been 12 years since the T-Wolves and their beloved “Big Ticket” (Kevin Garnett) shared memorable moments in the playoffs. Until then, there was absolutely no daylight. The rebuilding process for the Timberwolves has been a hassle. Although having star players such as Ricky Rubio and All-Star Kevin Love, it has still been a tough task to even reach the playoffs. This team has surely been through a roller coaster ride for perhaps the last decade. From frequent injuries to switching coaches, it seemed like the whole T-Wolves team couldn’t hold a grip of themselves. All this adversity the state of Minnesota has gone through could some how vanish this upcoming season, as there lies a legitimate chance for a playoff birth.

Bringing back Kevin Garnett to his initial team and sending Kevin Love away was perhaps the first step towards finding daylight to a playoff run. And to add on, acquiring Karl Anthony Towns and Tyus Jones from the NBA draft was another vital addition. Although rookies, Towns and Jones do add up some value to the Timberwolves’ team, in which they both bring great efficiency towards the offensive side, as well as a mental mindset of winning. Nevertheless, you most certainly can’t forget about Andrew Wiggins and Zach Lavine, two young players on the urge of becoming stars.

The T-Wolves have struggled for the past decade, but now there lies a chance in which they can spring into the playoffs. But however, it’s not that easy when you’re in the Western Conference, considering that 80% of players from the First Team All-NBA mark their spot there. The list of teams that the Timberwolves must face in order to make a run towards the playoffs start from facing a rising Pelicans squad with a soon to be best-player-in-the-world Anthony Davis to the NBA champions Golden State Warriors, who seem to demolish any team that stands in their path with their flawless offensive style and rigorous defensive efforts. The names of the elite teams in the Western Conference go on and on, but perhaps the true competition the T-Wolves will face against are the teams who fell short to make the playoffs last season. Despite not making it to the playoffs, teams such as Phoenix and OKC are no joke to deal with, and had a close chance of clinching a spot last year. Overall, in order to make the playoffs, a tremendous effort must be put forward by the Timberwolves throughout the regular season, since even reaching to this stage is a hard task to accomplish.go


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