Curry’s Magic

Most of us refer to him as the MVP of the league, but some of his teammates regard him as the best player in the world. It’s no accident for why Stephen Curry receives the type of publicity that he does after every game. He’s a magician on the court, stunning crowds in all arenas with his mind dazzling plays from shifty crossovers to silky smooth three pointers. As the best player on the best team in basketball, it’s no question that the “Baby Faced Assassin” is amongst the most superior players in the world, if not, the best in years to come. The league’s most un-guardable player not only consists off the best jumper ever seen, but also has the most un-selfish characteristic that a superstar could have. His humble mindset along with his everlasting faith in God makes him a very likable player worldwide and a someone to play with if you’re a teammate. By winning his first championship in the same year he won his first MVP, Curry has established himself as amongst the elite players to ever step on the basketball court, and one of the greatest Golden State Warrior to ever play. His efficiency on the shooting range from deep and from mid-range, as well as the single season record he put for the most threes made in a single season, Curry is perhaps already a shooting legend, and will most certainly go down as the best shooter the NBA has ever seen. No one has seen this style of play that he consists of. From stopping on a dime in a fast break and pulling up for three, to losing a defender off the dribble and pulling up from 30 feet, there’s only one word to describe this; unbelievable. Being doubted his whole life is what motivated Curry, and is what brought him up to greatness in such a early stage in his career. The skinny, underweight guard who everyone thought wouldn’t survive in the NBA is now the best in the world for his position. In future years to come, it’s certain that Curry’s greatness will grow rapidly.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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