2014-2015 NBA Finals

At last, the 2014-2015 NBA has come to an end, and the Golden State Warriors now claim what is rightfully there’s; the ‘ship. Although beating an undermanned Cavaliers team which revolved around only one player, the Warriors have displayed their unselfish style of play, and the willingness to give sacrifices in order to win. This not only started from the beginning of the playoffs, but has been a habit from the start of the regular season, which helped them record a franchise record of 67 wins. Being crowned the championship of the basketball world not only relieves the whole Bay Area and their 40 years of depression without a single NBA championship, but also serves as fuel for the Warriors to continue to win even more championships as time progresses on.

Looking at the other side, the Cavaliers have come through much adversity to play in the league’s highest stage, only to come up short within two games. Despite all their energy being drained within game 4, the Cavaliers have shown their relentlessness to never let down despite loosing 3 valuable play makers from the starting lineup. Due to the monstrous defensive intensity along with the pitch-ins from key role players on the offensive end, the Cavaliers were giving the Warriors a whole lot to deal with, much more than any other team in the playoffs had done.

In addition, it would’ve been an improbable task for the Cavs to even win a game against the Warriors squad without the dominance of King James, who put forward amongst the greatest Finals performances ever to be witnessed. His numbers were insane, as he averaged almost 40 points per game along with 10+ rebounds and 8+ assists each outing. LeBron’s finals record did fall to a demeaning 2-4, but his legacy did go up historically. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to forget about the greatest shooter ever to step foot on the basketball court. Stephen Curry has now won his first championship along with his first MVP award in the same year. Being the best player on the best team in basketball, Curry has established himself as a future winner in the league, and will most likely continue to lead his team towards furthermore championships.

At the end, it’s always the team with the most all around effort and unselfishness that takes home the trophy, and the Warriors proved just that to the Cleveland Cavaliers, as they completely ripped their hearts from what seemed to be a potential “winnable championship” after game 3. However, the beauty of the league is that there’s always a next season, and every key player for the Cavaliers will be coming back healthy and ready to take on another quest to win what should’ve been rightfully theirs this year. In contrary, the Dubs just want to add on to what they’ve created; a new dynasty.


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