Game 1 NBA Finals

Sure enough, we can all agree that game 1 was most certainly not a disappointment. Despite LeBron’s best performance in his finals history, the Dubs were able to maneuver themselves to victory through their resiliency on the defensive end and with an overall team effort. Curry’s magical performance once again fueled the Warriors towards a win, as well as Thompson and Iguodala who each hit big time shots and made crucial defensive stops. The 10-2 run pushed by the Warriors in overtime was the game changer for their first win, but however, so was Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie’s late game injury in the fourth quarter was perhaps the main turnaround for the Cavaliers in this series. Losing one who can guard the league’s MVP and make unstoppable plays on the offensive end is unquestionably worth a large magnitude of the team’s future success in the Finals. Nevertheless, although Cleveland may have pulled away with a 4-0 series win over Atlanta without Irving, it’s definitely not similar when matching up to the Warriors. Sure, you can say they’ve been in this situation before, but the opponent they handled was far different than what the Warriors consist of. The Cavs are facing the league’s best, and a team which is composed of the MVP, as well as the most in-depth bench.

Many have chosen the Warriors to win the title, but others believe that LeBron’s dominancy will give a path for the Cavaliers to bring home a championships for the first time in franchise history. Game 1 was amongst the best performances in finals history ever to be seen. Despite the Warriors having the upper-hand and the Cavs approaching as the underdog, this series could still go either way.


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