2015 NCAA Tournament

March Madness has been a triumphant month of upsets and breath-taking moments. Teams from across the NCAA map have come up with big performances, and unexpected stuns. On the first day itself millions of brackets were ruined, leaving fans agitated, and having them lost all their betting money within the beginning of the tournament. From the first 64 teams all the way to the championship, there’s only one word to describe the whole tournament; astonishing.

Kentucky was perhaps the most favored to win it all. With an undefeated record coming into the tournament, they hoped to do something which will make college history; go 40-0. Although a difficult and what many perceive to be impossible, the Wildcats manipulated their way to the Final Four, in which they’d fall short to the Wisconsin Badgers. Having to fall 38-1, the Kentucky team as well as the rest of the college basketball world were shocked. After all, this is the reason why they call it March Madness.

As for the championship game, it would be the Duke Blue Devils, who had easily cruised passed MSU in the Final Four, against the tough and heated up Wisconsin Badgers. This championship was a game of the experienced (Badgers) going up against the inexperienced (Blue Devils). With veterans like Kaminsky and Dekker who had the experience in last year’s tournament, Wisconsin was expected to have an upper edge against Duke’s dominant Freshmen make up of players such as Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones. The result of the game however? It went along the young side. With the big performance from freshmen Grayson Allen and an incredible display of clutch shots coming from Tyus Jones in the second half, the Blue Devils were able to pull away with an outstanding victory over Kaminsky and his well rounded Badgers.

Overall, the 2015 NCAA tournament was a moment to remember. With a team like Kentucky filled with ambitions to go 40-0, and teams like Notre Dame and UCLA who all hoped to pull off upsets along their journey in the tournament, the whole world was very entertained throughout the duration of March. Seeing every team perform to their up-most potential every day in and day out, the basketball world saw what they were looking for in the month of March; Madness.


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