Westbrook- Unreal

Throughout the past NBA seasons, fans across the country have seen remarkable and astonishing performances during the regular season and playoff time. From Curry’s unstoppable shooting display against the Spurs in the playoffs to the Spurs’ phenomenal teamwork in the 2014 finals, the NBA has a reputation of surprises in the world of sports, as well as the unthinkable happening. Take the Heat’s unstoppable 27 game winning streak two seasons ago for example, until the Bulls had demolished it. The world of basketball had never witnessed such dominance since the dynasty of the Lakers era. However, despite all these amazing things that happened over the past seasons, one particular thing stands out above all, and that is the brilliant emergence of Russel Westbrook.

Standing just 6’3″, an under-average player in the NBA, Westbrook has proven to be the spoken name as an MVP candidate for this year’s season. Despite the absence of Kevin Durant, and a poor start to the season, Westbrook has shined to the spotlight, and is now delivering consistent triple-doubles game after game. The numbers on the stat sheet that Westbrook has recorded has been something which is being compared to the great Big O, as well as something that Lebron James hasn’t even done.  His ability to maintain a consistent stat line throughout the season and as well as helping the Thunder get a playoff spot is simply a display of heroism and greatness as of right now. Even with serious injuries (a horrendous dent to the head) and absence of key players for weeks, Westbrook was still able to keep the Thunder on a spot for a playoff chance, and indeed did so.

With playoff time coming around, the Thunder will have to face the Warriors in the first round if they are able to clinch the eighth spot. Westbrook will have to continue to show this incredible length of unreal stats being put out day by day. His ethics and effort will soon have to rise up to an all-time high in order for the Thunder to make a historic playoff run similar to the 2007 “We Believe” Warriors. Overall, as a dominant force in the league, Russel Westbrook has a legitimate chance of earning the MVP award for this season as he continues his unreal stretch of amazing basketball.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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