Raptors- Beasts of the East

Although placing third in the Eastern Conference standings, the Raptors can be clearly seen as  the best team in the East this season. Their team-depth is arguably among the league’s finest, and is tough to get past. Along with young, athletic players in this team comes experienced and skilled veterans, who know what it takes to win. Thus, their performance in the playoffs this year will be much more expected at an elite level.

Speaking of team-depth,  Demar Derozan’s injury however did hurt the Raptors a bit, but guard Lou Williams has been an important factor the squad, averaging around 20 a game off the bench for big games, which helps keeps the winning spirits of Toronto alive and well. Based off the way Toronto is playing right now, it is easy to say that once Derozan returns, the dominance of the Raptors in the east will drastically grow. Demar, however, isn’t necessarily the main person needed to guide this Raptor squad to major wins. Kyle Lowry has been playing at an MVP level, as he’s currently ranked 7th overall in  the MVP ladder. His scoring abilities have helped the Raptors a lot, but his 6′ 0″, 205 pound frame has also been able to grab around 5 rebounds a game, as well as dishing out about 8 assists a game.

Overall, the Raptors find themselves on a task into becoming the best team in the East. Their team-depth, and MVP caliber players puts them on a spotlight towards success. With this type of team, the Raptors can truly become the beasts of the east.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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