How Good is Stephen Curry?

Stephen Curry had lead Davidson to the NCAA tournament, pulling upsets with top notch teams such as Georgetown and also, qualifying for the Elite 8. His ability to the shoot the basketball in almost any given range with up-most consistency gives Curry a weapon that is hard for defenders to dismantle. Once Curry had entered the league, critics had already spoken. They continuously said that he was undersized, weak, and couldn’t defend the best point guards in the league. They said he wouldn’t become a game changer, and some even spoke out that he didn’t have what it took to even compete in the NBA level. Nothing stopped him, of course, as he’s amongst the best point guards in the world as of today.

When you think of a point guard you think of a player who is the extension of the coach, and gets his teammates better and knocks down open shots. Many would say the job of the point guard is to assist his teammates. However, when you think of a scorer, you think of a player who always looks to attack, and average at least 20 points a game. A scorer is one who has the complete offensive package, and can get to the basket with a series of moves, or drain a jumper on the defense with ease. When you look at Stephen Curry, you look at a point guard plus a scorer. You look at a player who makes his teammates better, and scores a lot of points for his team. This is what makes Curry a superstar in the league, and is also what makes him an MVP candidate.

With his 5th season in the league under way, Curry has become amongst the elite, and is in the conversation for the best point guards in the world. His style of play brings the “oos and ahhs” from the crowd, as well as helping the Warriors maintain the best record in the NBA. Curry rose from being an underdog, to becoming one of the best point guards in the league. His greatness will continue to grow, and so will his legacy.


About Veeresh Neralagi

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