Westbrook’s Return

To cap off his return to the league, Russel Westbrook brought back his intensity, and scored 32 points as he lead the Thunder to victory. His return not only allows the Thunder to start winning games, but puts them in a position to fight for a playoff spot. As of right now, the Thunder are 6 spots away from clinching a playoff spot. Although there’s still 65 games left to play, much winning must be done to rank high in the Western Conference. Westbrook’s return plays such an important role in helping the Thunder get back on “track”, that Durant’s return will simply ignite the whole team even further, and the playoff appearance for Thunder will almost certainly be guaranteed.

Overall, the Thunder still have a long season to go, and the only factor that is stopping their path to the playoffs is frequent injuries. Take away the injuries, and you have a team who is a major championship contender.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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