Sports- Growing Everyday

sportsThe population is drastically growing each year. Economically, demand is increasing, and simply finding a place to live in the world is becoming more expensive. However, one thing is growing faster than the economy. Sports.

All around the world, in fields, playgrounds, and courts, you see people actively engrossed in a certain sport of their preference. Competition is growing, and each day many are experiencing amazing results for certain skills obtained for a sport at such a young age. Olympic records are being shattered each year, and finding a spot in the world of professional sports is becoming tougher than ever. Man’s body has been developing throughout years, and its capability to perform certain physical activities has been expanding quicker, and stunning many. Overall, the passion and love for sports has been shown throughout the world. Its the gateway to success for some, but a time to enjoy and have fun for many. Regardless, sports is growing, and is becoming a platform of incredible performances.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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