Lebron to the Cavs

To finish his career with more titles along-side All-Star Kyrie Irving, and #1 Draft Pick Andrew Wiggins, Lebron has yet again made “The decision”, and has decided to go back where he came from; Akron, Ohio and play for the Cleveland Caveliers. The move was very heart-opening to the Cleveland fans and brought the city a wide sense of happiness and comfort; now since “The King” is here.lebron

Although the Cleveland’s roster is not yet fully decided, they’re still in the heat of trying to sign Kevin Love, which may involve the trade of Andrew Wiggins. Either way, with the addition of Lebron, the Caveliers have a great chance of making the Eastern Conference Finals and being eligible to compete in the Finals. They’re already looked at as a top 3 team in the eastern-conference.

Lebron’s move has impacted the Cleveland community by a lot. The fan base is now going to grow like never before, and stocks will rise higher than ever for the team. Lebron’s final stop is back home. Bringing titles to Cleveland will now be his biggest challenge throughout his NBA journey.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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