Warriors- A Season’s Worth

Despite injuries from the best players, shooting slumps from some of the  most premier shooters on the team, and even heart-breaking losses during the regular season, the Golden State Warriors were able to make the playoffs for the second time in a row, and record the most wins in franchise history for a single season. Their loss against LA in a game 7 not only showed their relentless team effort in the series, but it also showed how deadly and painful the Warriors can be without their best defensive big man (Andrew Bogut). Mark Jackson has done an outstanding job on bringing a good coaching atmosphere to the team, and trusting all the players on the roster throughout difficult times. He has been one of the main reasons the warriors were able to keep their heads up, and endeavor through the challenges and obstacles that other teams had given them.

The players, perhaps, put on a show during the regular season that literally pulled many fans and t.v watchers from their seats. From sick crossovers to high flying dunks to silky passes, the warriors are one of few teams in the NBA with the most spectacular highlights. Oracle once again had sellouts after sellouts during the regular season, and had switched gears to “roaracle” as the playoffs began. The atmosphere in most of the warriors games was packed and loud, thanks to the exceptional talent of the players.

Speaking of players, the warriors coaches have also had their brightest moments. Thanks to them, the players were able to play the most well thought out plays that creates great scoring opportunities. Their energy in the locker room meant a great deal to the warriors, and thanks to the advanced medical staff, the players were able to play safe and injury-free during most of the season.

The warriors have an outstanding year for this 2013-2014 NBA regular season. There’s still more history to be made in the future.




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