Warriors Basketball 2013

The Warriors NBA season has come out to a rocky start. With Stephen Curry out for 2 games, as well as Iguodala, Tony Douglas, and Draymond Green injured, they have yet to get things together and break their 3-game losing streak.
However, the 3-point game has been flourishing this year. They are shooting lights out and are currently ranked 3rd in the NBA.
Klay Thompson has come out great, averaging around 20 a game (most in team) and also adding a post game, isolation moves, and a driving game. He’s been the most efficient player so far, and by far; the healthiest.
As of Stephen Curry,the Warriors probably wouldn’t even have their 8-7 record by now. His ability to score this season, pass the ball, rebound, and get steals has drastically brought up the team’s morale and has allowed the Warriors to win games. With Curry, the Warriors have been averaging 107 points per game, but without him, they have been averaging 76 points per game. However, injuries has been the reason to his absence in many games, and as of last year, affected his strong performance. Ankle problems should not be the critical case to his poor performance this year. Also, the amounts of turnovers Curry has had committed must stop.
Winning on the road has been a struggle for the Warriors thus far, but with healthier players, they could hold a top notch in the Western Conference.


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