Kobe’s Legacy

Laker nation has seen it all. From high-flying dunks and spectacular assists to winning 5 NBA championships, Kobe Bryant is easily considered one of the best top 4 players in the history of the NBA. Sitting 4th in NBA history for most points in a career, Kobe has a total of 31,617 points, which is just 1,675 points from over taking Michael Jordan (who is perhaps the greatest player of all time).

Despite a depressing torn achilles, Kobe looks to bounce back into the next 2013-2014 NBA season and hopes to make it a spectacular one by hoping to overtake Jordan’s third spot. The main question people are asking is if this will be his last NBA season forever. Only time can tell.

What Kobe has done in his past career is absolutely outstanding. Despite the incident that took place in a hotel in Colorado, and the time spent in prison, Kobe had a strong mettle to keep his head up, and continue on with his career. All the time he spent in the gym, and all the time when he experienced excruciating pain to his body, Bryant never fell back; he just kept moving. Also, even with broken fingers and bad ankles, he was able to perform well for the lakers during the playoffs.

One thing Kobe is mainly known for is his work ethic in the gym. He starts early, and finishes late. He basically has pure basketball DNA in his blood. By being a fledgling basketball player in Italy and playing against older and much more experienced competition there, his game increased significantly throughout his middle school and high school career once moved to Philadelphia, which lead him to a path to earn his stripes in the NBA.

Will Bryant surpass Jordan in the All-Time scoring list, or will he end his career being the greatest Laker of all time? Only time will tell.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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