Yosemite National Park Experience

Day 1

Being able to go to a National Park with my family was pretty exciting. It started off 4:30 in the morning when everyone woke up. Then it was time to get ready and leave at 5:30. The ride was estimated to last for 4 hours.

After eating breakfast on the way, we were about an hour away from the park. But on the way, we were elevating like a 1000 feet per 20 minutes. So the last one hour drive ended up being a really scenic drive.

There was 20 minutes left until we could reach the park, but then our broke down due to the breaks not working all of a sudden. We ended up waiting for an hour and thirty minutes for our car to get towed, and my dad had to go with the towing car to a dealership to rent a new vehicle. But eventually, one of the hotel assistants picked us up at the spot and gave us a ride to the hotel.

We had a great view of the Merced River behind through our windows. We even saw some people swimming in it. So then all of us put on our swimming suits, got into the river, and enjoyed the nice cold water brushing against our bodies while the sun was shining in our faces. After the swim in the river, we called that day.


   Day 2

As soon as everyone woke up the next morning, we went hiking to see the most talked about Yosemite Falls. However when we hiked up to the falls, there was barley any water because it was summer. So then we hiked up all the way to the top of another water fall.

The view was great. There was a tropical mist coming everywhere because the water fall was that deep. After seeing the water fall, our family just sat around at a nearby riverside and just enjoyed the nature around us. The hike up and down was nearly 5 hours, so everyone was pretty much exhausted.

After coming back to the hotel, we ate dinner at a pizza place. The pizza there was probably the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. We then came back home, watched a bit of t.v., and slept.


   Day 3

The final day had come. The last thing we were going to do was hike up a mountain, eat a nice lunch and drive back home.

Hiking up and down the mountain was fun. We saw great views and animals such as falcons, squirrels, and Mule deers. The lunch was also great. It filled up everyone and got us ready for the long ride back home.

Experiencing the Yosemite National Park was a great opportunity for me to interact with nature and experience cool things. I really had a fun time there.



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