AAU Experience

My first ever AAU experience was really fun and worthwhile. I learned a lot, and got to see the great talents across the country. It told me as a player the things I need to work on and excel at. One thing is for sure, team work is the key to winning games. You can’t have any selfish players on the team.

Based off of my game, I think I did an ok job from the beginning of the season towards the end (in terms of gaining aggressiveness). I learned that I can do much more than just shooting threes (my natural instinct in a game). Also, I learned how to work with my teammates and cooperate with them. Being calm and patient can always bring the team together.

One thing that can affect most players is their emotions. For me, missing my first shot in a game can affect the rest of my shots. I learned that keeping up your posture high can help you do good in games.

Overall, AAU was a fun experience and it thought me many things. I now know where I stand as a player compared to others. All I have to do is keep improving, and gain self confidence.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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