Russel Westbrook

Westbrook is considered a point guard, but is more of a shooting guard. His arsenal moves to get to the basket are so quick and strong, only a shooting guard could do that. As a current Oklahoma City Thunder member, Russell hopes to lead the Thunder along with with Kevin Durant to the NBA Finals for the second time in a row. Out of the court, Westbrook became the first basketball player to be in the cover of a fashion magazine (I have to agree, his style is kinda funky). Also, recently, Russell got an endorsement with Jordan, where they released his new show; Jordan 28. Season by season, he is improving gradually.

Russell Westbrook was born on November 12, 1988 in Long Beach, California. He attended Leuzinger High School as a 5’8″, 140 pound point guard. He didn’t get much playing time for his varsity team until his Junior year. Russell grew up with Khelcey Barrs, who attracted many college basketball schools. But, one day, while playing late night basketball, he collapsed. In order to honor him, Russell wears a wristband to every professional game that reads “KB3″ (in which 3 stands for the number Khelcey wore). When Russell reached his full adult height at 6’3″, he averaged 25 points per game during his senior year. He then received a scholarship to UCLA, and entered the NBA draft in his sophomore year.

Currently, Russell is playing for the OKC Thunder as point guard, standing 6’3” and weighing 185 pounds. Also, his progress from his rookie years has gradually improved. He is now a MVP caliber player, sitting in the top ten for MVP along with his former teammate Kevin Durant. One thing fascinating about Westbrook is that he attended almost every single game of his NBA career. He is durable, and injuries for him are rare. In a few years, hes going to be a scoring machine.


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