Heat Streak Ended

The Miami Heat were 6 games away from tying the largest game-winning streak in NBA history made by Kareem and the Lakers in the ’71-’72 season. However, the Chicago Bulls stood up to the challenge without 2011 MVP Derrick Rose and ended the Heats 27 game winning streak. With LeBron’s 32 point game, the heat were still not able to capture the win in order to win 28 straight while losing 101-97.

For the Heat, streaks aren’t more important than winning championships. The big three have joined to win championships, not to get terrific stats. Although, this 27 game winning streak was really important for their record, it put them in first seed in the whole entire NBA conference. Now since that they lost one game, their goal now is to win as much as games as they can until the playoffs because the race to the playoffs is about to begin.

In conclusion, Miami should focus on just getting to the playoffs and winning the championships. LeBron is so far number one for the MVP ladder, which means he could get 2¬†consecutive MVP awards in a row. Despite the Heat’s loss to their 27 game-winning streak, they sure did make a big deal of history to their franchise and to the history of the NBA.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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