Every time ANY team is playing against the L.A. Lakers, there’s a huge crowd watching inside the basketball arena. But these days, the Lakers are not at all playing to their abilities. They have Howard, Nash, and Bryant. What more can they need! If you look at the standings, the Lakers are not even close to being in the playoff spot. In fact, they’re not playing as a  Playoff/Championship caliber team.

Team chemistry is really important for the Lakers. They have 2 guys who are used to scoring every single game; Howard and Bryant. The rest of the players are mostly used to just standing there and letting Howard and Bryant do all the work. Right now, Kobe is starting to pass the ball and supporting his teammates. He is now averaging 8 or more assists per game (more than his usual average throughout his whole entire career).

If the Lakers want to win, i feel in my opinion that they need to pass the ball around more often. If they do this, I feel that they will be a playoff/championship caliber team.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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