Mark of Athena: Summary

As you all know from the previous book (Son of Neptune), the story ends off as Jason, Piper, Leo, Annabeth, and Coach Hedge sail off camp Jupiter in search of Percy and the rest of the people at camp. However, when they did reach Camp Jupiter, the Romans were thinking of them as intruders. However, with thanks to Pipers charm-speak, they were able to settle down and have a talk with Camp’s head executor.

Nothing mattered more to Annabeth than Percy. As soon as she set foot on the camp, she started to search for Percy. But it turned out to be that Percy came up to her! Anyways, after gathering on a dining table with all seven demigods, plus the leaders of the camp, sat down and discussed what was going on in Olympus. It turned to be that the Mother of Earth was about to wake up and could cause damage to the gods and the mortal world.

After discussing the whole plan, all the seven demigods set sail on Leo’s ship to get the gods’ help and defeat the mother of earth. Also, to help save Nico Diangelo before he dies in 7 days! It turns out to be that the two sons of Gae (mother of earth) have trapped Nico in a jar which is basically draining the life out of him. Hazel is pretty sad, after all, Nico did bring her back to life from the underworld.

As time starts to drain, Gae gets more awake, and Nico’s chances of dying increase. It’s then up to the seven demigods and Coach Hedge to stop Gae and save Nico.


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  1. Ayush Shukla says:

    You should make one one making the bball team

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