Another Title for the Lakers?


Will the Lakers win another title this year? The answer to that is no. You might be thinking; they have Nash and Kobe. But with 16 long years in the NBA, I doubt that Nash or Kobe won’t lead their team to the NBA championship.

  “But wait” you might be thinking, “Lakers also have Dwight Howard”. But, did Dwight lead his Magic team to the finals in 09? No. He needed the help of a point guard and some forwards to get to the finals.

   Right now in the Western Conference in the NBA, I personally think that the Oklahoma City Thunder is the top team. Not because they have Durant or Westbrook, but because they are a young team and are very athletic and beginning to become a lot more experienced.

   The final point is; after Nash and Bryant retire, the Lakers need  skilled point guard who can help and support Superman.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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