Ankle Sprains

In sports (especially basketball), an ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries that you can ever have. An ankle sprain is basically when you stretch your ankle too far. The results cab be fatal. You can tear your ligament (a part of your body which connects your muscles together), or you can fracture your bone.

The minimum time it takes for an ankle sprain to recover is 4 weeks. But if you are a player who is really good and NEEDS to play for their team, the he/she would need to get surgery or even physical therapy. With a sprained ankle, you can experience swelling, bruising, and pain if you stand on your leg.

A tore ligament is usually the most common types of ankle sprains. They can easily be healed within 4 weeks (three weeks to heal, and one extra week to work out your ankle).

The most common way to cure an ankle sprain during the first 2 weeks is putting ice on your ankle and elevating your ankle so that it is higher than your waist. Ice stops your ankle from severe pain and by elevating your foot, it stops your swelling.

If your one of those people who have gotten a sprained ankle, remember to be patient, and let your body heal.



About Veeresh Neralagi

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