Dwight to the Lakers

After 8 years with Orlando in the nba, Dwight Howard, a.k.a “Superman” decided to go to the Los Angeles Lakers  as a free agent. So now, the Lakers have Kobe, Dwight, and Steve Nash! That just means its a big three for the Lakers. But how do the Orlando fans feel about Dwight now?

This same thing happened to Lebron. He played with Cavs for 8 years, and then got traded. When he did that, the fans weren’t happy at all. They started to burn his jerseys, and rip down posters of him. And guess what? This same thing happened for Dwight! People are burning his jerseys, burning his superman cape, and using bad language to express how they feel.

I feel that if the Lakers play very good along with the big three, then it will be like a one on one with the Miami Heat. Kobe might retire in 3 years or so. So that means this year should be a good one to end  his career off.



About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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