Allen Iverson Game 1 vs Lakers 2001 NBA Finals

Most of you may be knowing Allen Iverson, a living NBA legend. He has played in a number of All-Star games and earned many individual awards. One his most historic moments was when he had to face Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers in game 1 of the  2001 Finals where he scored 48 points and lead his team to a victory.

It was the year where he had earned his MVP award. Allen Iverson was going up against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in a head to head match in-game 1 of the NBA finals.

The ball was tossed up by referee and the Lakers won the tip. The first quarter was a really high scoring one for the Lakers. Play after play they kept scoring and never let Iverson score a basket. As the first quarter came to an end, the Lakers were up by as many as 12. Then came the second quarter; the game changer. Allen Iverson literally took over this quarter by scoring around 30 of the sixers points including some of the first quarter. Now the sixers were up by around 7 points.

Now came the third quarter; the darkest moments of the game for Allen. He was “shut down” by Deron Lue; a Laker point guard. He didn’t let Iverson score more than 2 or 4 points during the mid and last minutes of the quarter. But surprisingly, (as lakers had a 12 point lead over the sixer) the Sixers were able to score of their shooting guards and forwards and lead was continuing to decrease. By the last 3 minutes of the quarter the game was tied. Now was the time where Iverson came to the rescue. Within seconds, he got the sixer lead up to 8. As for the Lakers, they were all out of time. The sixers had won game 1 in L.A. to give them a series lead of 1-0.

Allen Iverson was the player of the game. And yet, this individual performance is yet to remembered.


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