2013 Golden State Warriors

Since around 2007, the Golden State Warriors had what it takes to make it to the playoffs. In fact, they had what it takes to beat the Dallas Mavericks in a playoff series. But now, all their good players are traded, new rookies are coming in, new coaches, new everything basically. But this year, they might have a chance to close in and take a spot in the playoffs. Just because they don’t have Monta Ellis doesn’t mean they can’t make it playoffs. It all matters if they work as a team.

“Harrison Barnes” is a big name for the Warriors. As a fresh rookie out of North Carolina, he has the strength, leadership role, and hard work to help the warriors improve throughout the season. In fact, he even led his NCAA team to the championship this year but lost to Kentucky.

If Ellis was still in the Warriors, the next big name would be Stephen Curry. Curry is a really good three-point shooter and can assist teammates a number of times. Even though he has never lead his team to playoffs, he still has skills to do it with the help of his fellow teammates.

The Golden State Warriors NEED to step up. It’s been a while since they could make it to the playoffs. Many people are counting on them.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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