2012 Olympics Basketball

In my opinion, I think U.S.A will win the whole tournament for the Olympics. That’s because they have players who show aggressiveness, show athleticism, and show no fear of their opponents. But, you always have to take notice of other opponents. Such as Brazil, or Europe.

For Brazil, I think they’re a pretty good team. They have had 15 appearances to the Championship, and this year, they’ve got some pretty good “Brazilian” players from the NBA. Nene, Anderson Verejao, Leonardo Barbosa, and Tiago Splitter are the 4 Brazilian players from the NBA. All of them are really good. They’re all agressive, and have a bit of agility.

Next is Europe. From my point of view, Europe is the second best team for the Olympics. From what I know, there are a lot of Europeans in the NBA, so I think because of that, Europe will be in good shape. Europe is known for several basketball moves, so because of that, they’ll have the arsenal moves to get to the basket and score.

Well, these are the three teams that I’m most concerned about throughout the Olympics. And once again, go team U.S.A!


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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