Best Field Trip in My Life

On Friday, June 1st, my school held the end of the year field trip at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (roller coaster place). In fact, this end of the year field trip was my favorite one out of all the ones that we’ve been to. I got a chance to hang out with my friends, eat delicious food, and have lots of fun.

It all started on a regular school day inside a regular yellow bus. My class and another 6th grade class were inside the same bus getting ready to take off to our destination. Everyone was really excited. People were laughing, singing, and playing on their phones. When the bus started, that’s when everyone was quiet. We were listening to the radio as some people were singing along softly in a soft voice.

When we finally reached there, I could see a lot of rides. I could see large rides and small rides. But my goal was to go on all the big rides. As me and my friends got out of the bus, we headed straight towards our first ride. It was called the “Cliff Hanger”. This ride was okay. It was basically a ride where you sit on a gliding type of figure, and go high in the air around in circles.

The next ride we went on totally got me awake! This ride was called the “Log….” (don’t remember). My friend and I got on a log. We were floating on water. We went up and up. We were going slowly through swirls up in 70 feet in the air. Then suddenly, we dropped down really fast and got ourselves wet with a little bit of water. I was just getting started.

Next was the “Giant Dipper”, the longest, most thrilling, and most oldest ride on the beach. It can go up to 55 miles per hour. Some people say that the ride is an eyeball popping ride. I was scared, but as soon as got on that ride, I knew I wasn’t going to get off. Within, 5 seconds, I blasted off into darkness then I came out into the light, going up a steep path. We got up, and suddenly dropped down with tremendous force. I could literally feel my cheeks moving. Then the ride started to get even fast as we went through swirls. Then we were finally done. But still, my goal was to go on the tallest ride; the “Double Shot”, which stands up to 125 feet in the air.

Throughout the next three hours, I went on “small” and fun rides and ate a lot of food. But then came the last ride I was going on; “Double Shot”. This ride was like a sudden surprise. I got on a seat, waited for 25 seconds and sprang up 125 feet into the air within just 2 seconds. It was really thrilling. But then, the ride started to slow down and suddenly stopped. As me and my friend got off, we were jumping up and down like crazy. We then went on the same ride 2 more times and then found out that it was time to leave back to school.

I had a really fun time at the board walk. I bought a few items with my money and had a lot of food. I wish to go again sometime. 😉




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