Top 20 Colleges in the USA

1. Harvard University

Harvard University is located in Cambridge Massachusetts. It was named after its benefactor, John Harvard. This University earned 32 billion dollars in the year of 2011 for its academic institution.

2. Princeton University

Princeton University is located in Princeton, New Jersey. This University provides people for instructions on humanities, social science, natural science, and engineering. Princeton was established in 1746.

3. Yale University

In New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University has an endowment of around 17 billion dollars. Yale University shares a physical rivalry in the world of sports with Harvard.

4. Columbia University

Columbia University is one of the oldest learning institutes in New York. This place is home to around 30,000 students.

5. California Institute of Technology

This research center is located in Pasadena, California. It has a long lasting rivalry with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

As said before, both “CIT” and “MIT’ have a long lasting rivalry. As you can see, so far, “CIT” is winning the battle. But this University sure is good. It has around 2,400 students.

7. Stanford University

At an 8,180 acre, Stanford University sits in the 7th spot at Stanford, California.

8. University of Chicago

Although the student population is only around 2,000, this University is home to the largest university press in the USA.

9. University of Pennsylvania

Also known as Penn, this university is great. It has around 22,500 students!

10. Duke University

Duke is commonly known for its NCAA basketball team. They won a number of titles and hold rivalries with other universities such as Butler.

11. Dartmouth College

This college was established in 1769 by minister Wheelock. Today, Dartmouth College is the smallest school in the Ivy League.

12. Northwestern University

In this university, students have a choice of 70 majors. This school has the largest endowment for universities in the USA.

13. John Hopkins university

The NSF has rated John Hopkins the #1 academic progress in science. This University was founded by John Hopkins.

14. Washington University In St. Louis

Washington University is named after George Washington. It was founded in 1853 and about a quarter of a student body is involved in Greek Life.

15. Brown University

This university is prior to the independence from the British Empire. It was founded in 1764.

16. Cornell University

Founded in 1865, Cornell University was meant to make a big impact on the history of knowledge. It is located in New York.

17. Rice University

At Houston, Texas, Rice university was opened in a campus at 1912. It has an endowment of 4.5 billion dollars.

18. Vanderbilt University

Founded in 1873, Vanderbilt University has 12,000 students from all over all 50 states.

19. University of Notre Dame

As a Catholic research center, Notre Dame has an astonishing, 6.8 billion dollar endowment.

20. Emory University

As other universities, Emory allows students to choose 70 majors. The universities setting is suburban.


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