Thunder- Championship?

The trade has been made. Derek Fisher is now traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder from the Los Angeles Lakers. With Fisher’s 5 championship rings, he has the playoff and finals experience to help the Thunder win their first title in franchise history. There’s Durant, and Westbrook who both have a playoff experience. But another player from the Thunder has both playoff and finals experience ; Kendrick Perkins. Has been with the boston Celtics when they won the 2008 NBA finals against the Lakers.

Also, the bench team for the Thunder is pretty good. They have James Harden, Derek Fisher (for now), and Nick Collison. All that matters is if Kevin Durant is playing his best. If he is, then the Thunder will almost be unstoppable. The question is for now; Who will be the Wester Conference Champion? There’s OKC, Spurs, Lakers, Mavericks, and the Clippers.

with the help of Ibaka’ss blocked shots, the Thunder have great defense, and with the help of Westbrook and Durant’s scoring averages, the Thunder are almost unstoppable on offense. I feel that during the Playoffs, Derek Fisher will get to play a lot (he might even be in the starting line up). Well, all we can do is just watch the Thunder.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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