The Hunger Games – “About the Characters and the Events”

The Hunger Games is a book based on a teenage girl named Katnis (lives in District 12) who hunts almost everyday to keep her family (her mom and 12-year-old sister Primrose) in perfect shape for life. But during a certain point comes the annual Hunger Games! The Hunger Games is an event in which one boy and girl from districts 1-12 try to suicide each other (even if two people are from the same district) until one winner is left. That winner will get a lifetime supply of MONEY, and even a brand new, luxurious HOUSE! But it isn’t that easy to go around killing people. You have to fight in the wilderness where harsh weather will be “tempting” to strike ANYONE. Also, even the wildlife gets involved in part of the story.

The girl who “first” gets picked for the Hunger Games in District Twelve is Primrose Everdeen. But her older sister (Katnis) doesn’t want Primrose entering a bloody battle with other stronger tributes from different districts, so instead, she volunteers as a tribute for Primrose, which means Katnis will be the girl to represent District 12 in the Hunger Games. The boy to represent district twelve is Peeta Milark, who works in a bakery shop. One thing about Peeta is that a long time ago when Katnis was 12, he saved her life by giving her a loaf of bread when she was starving in the cold.

To know about the “STORY”, then read the book! This article is just to let you know about the characters and what the Hunger Games.

Note- criticism is great, but please don’t leave hurtful comments. Thank You and enjoy the book and movie(if you get a chance to watch it).


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