NJB All Net Season- “A great season to remember but there will be more next time”

On Saturday, March 3, my team lost against Palo Alto in the first game of the Playoffs. It was a very disappointing loss for our team. We learned a lot from that loss and the whole season. Our coach was very proud of us for the progress that we made thus far. He was also happy with the way we as a team played like a team. No one was selfish. Everyone passed, and everyone contributed to the team. This was the best basketball team that I’ve ever played in my life. Compared to Michigan, I play way better here than in Michigan.

One of the main things I learned throughout this season is to be vocal and to communicated. “Closed mouths don’t get fed.” said one of my coaches. I learned that if you communicate more properly in the game, then all of your teammates will start cooperating with you. But, the improvement I’m most thankful for is improving in my jump shot. I never used to have consistency in Michigan, but since I came here, I improved a lot in consistent shooting.

I’m really sad that our season ended this way. I felt that we as a team would’ve done even more of a better job in the playoffs. But, you know what they say, ” The ball don’t lie.” But this is just the beginning for our team. We have a lot more skills to master, and a lot more “objectives” that we need to complete.

Before I can continue on in the next season, I just want to give most of my credit to Coach Antwan. He put so much effort into helping the team improve. For that, I feel he should deserve a lot of credit.

Well, I guess this season is over, I got a better sense of what competition is and what you need to do in order to be the best.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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