Games #2 and 3 of NJB league

My team was going up against a high scoring team . The team is called Paolo Alto. The score a lot of three-pointers and get a lot of  shots inside the paint. The game was going to be held in a High School called Andrew Hill High School.

The game started of as the other team won the  the tip-off. They easily scored with their tough Center in the paint. As the first quarter continued, I started to score as well. I scored one layup on fast-break. That was when we started to cut the lead to 6 when they had the lead of 13.

As the second quarter began, we were still down by 6 until Paolo Alto started to knock down a lot of three-pointers. It still continued like that until the the second quarter finally ended and that was when half-time was about to begin.

As half time finally began, our coach went over the mistakes we were doing and told us the right things that we as a team had to do. When the third quarter began, our team started to make a lot of lay- ups which cut the lead to 6. But that didn’t bother the other other team, they were still making a lot of three pointers. As the third quarter ended we still kept their lead to 6.

Minutes passed by in the 4rth quarter and the lead was still 6. Then it came to the final 2 minutes. The coach made a play for me to score a three pointer to cut the lead to 3. I got the ball, shot the three pointer, but barely missed as the ball went in, and then came out. That was  our chance but I didn’t happen to make the shot. The game ended as we lost by 13 points.

End of Game 2

A week passed since my team lost against Paolo Alto. Now we were playing against a team that is far more better than Paolo Alto! The  game was  going to be held in the same place were the previous game was held.The tam name is the Sequoia Storms.

As our team entered the court, we saw players in the other team that were far more taller than us.

After practicing in the court, the game started. I was in the starting line-up. In the first quarter, we were losing like crazy. We were getting crushed by the other team’s centers.

Our team only scored when we were wide- open. But we couldn’t drive into the  lane that often. The second and third quarter passed and their lead was up to 16!

Now it was the time for the last quarter. We had to get their lead down to at least 4 in 8 minutes. We tried and tried to score by driving into the lane but the other team was defending too well. So the ended up as we lost by 25!

Our team won 1 game and experienced 2 disappointing losses. We hope to improve more throughout the whole season.


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