First Basketball Game – For NJB All-Net

Today was the first game for the NJB All-Net league. It was Evergreen (us) against Willow Glen. We won the tip-of and started out pretty well. We played good defense and made lots of lay-up shots. But the other team was doing well too. They scored also and played good defense. At the end of the first quarter, the game was in our hands. We were up by 6 points.

When the second quarter started, we were still doing pretty well on our defense, but the offense of Willow Glen rose up and up until we were only up by 2. But thanks to people in our team who made their shots, we slowly (once again) took the lead. It was until I got into the game for the second time. I couldn’t any shots into the basket, but I played my best defense. Once again, as the clock went to 00:00, we were up by 4.

This was the quarter were we had the most trouble, but came back. Willow Glen was down by 6. But then, they started to make lots and lots of jumpshots and soon, took the lead by 2. They kept the lead like that until the 3rd quarter ended.

Now came the last quarter, 2 minutes had passed and we got their lead back to 0. This was our chance to win the game, and we used that chance. Everyone took lay-up shots and thankfully, made all of their shots. Also, our lead went up to 3. With 51 seconds left and as we were leading by 3. The other team made two free throws and our lead was down to 0. But it wasn’t too late until we took our time and passed the ball to a wide open person under the basket who obviously, made the shot. Then it came down to 6 seconds,5,4,3, the other team took a three pointer and……… miss! The clock went down to zero and we won our first game of the NJB All-Net season.


About Veeresh Neralagi

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