“The Son of Neptune” – Summary Author- Rick Riordan

As most of you may know, the book, “The Son of Neptune” has released almost 2 months ago. It is book 2  from the series, “The Heroes of Olympus”. Instead of Jason, Piper, and Leo being the three main characters of the book, there are three new main characters that are also part of the Prophecy of seven demigods. Those three new characters are Percy ( son of Neptune), Hazel (daughter of Pluto), and Frank (son of Mars).

The story begins as Percy Jackson had just lost his memory because the Roman god Juno took away his memory forever. The only thing he could remember is Annabeth from his old demigod camp ( Camp Half Blood). Percy arrived at Roman camp called Camp Jupiter (Percy is mostly used to Greek) with two friends named Hazel and Frank. Also, the only thing different about Percy from other Roman campers is that Percy does not have a SPQR tattoo on his arm. The tattoo stands for Roman.

As the story goes on, Percy, Hazel, and Frank are given a quest were they have to free Thanatos (Pluto’s assistant who makes sure that no one escapes from the underworld) from a fierce giant who is a son of Gea ( mother earth) who wants to destroy all the Roman and Greek gods.

Franks life all depends on a stick. If the stick burns up, then Frank dies. As for Hazel, she’s supposed to be dead. Hazel was one of the people who escaped from the Underworld because Thanatos was trapped. But Hazel isn’t much of a bad person. She basically wants to live a better life than she lived in her last one.

“The Son of Neptune” is a very exciting and fun book created by Rick Riordan. Don’t forget, the third book, “The Mark of Athena” is coming out next fall.


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4 Responses to “The Son of Neptune” – Summary Author- Rick Riordan

  1. manan says:

    nice work

  2. Candy says:

    Nice job! 😀 I would just like to say that you spelled mother earth’s name Gea, where as in the book it’s spelled Gaea. ;D

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