Basketball Game- NJB

Today, I had a basketball game. It was between the San Jose Naturals ( my team ), and the South Bay Warriors. It was an NJB game.

The game started out with five of our players. Most of them were tall. As for the other team, they had even taller players , but they also had some medium-sized players.

When the referee threw the ball up in the air for the jump ball, our team got the tap, but the other team managed to get a hold of the ball. In the first few possessions, no one scored until the opposite scored an easy lay up on fast break. By the way, this wasn’t a league game, it was a game just for fun. Anyways, our team made a lot of efforts to make a basket in the hoop, but the other team was leading. (since this game was just for fun, the referee didn’t really keep the scores of the game. But if you were looking at the game, you could probably tell that the other team was winning.

When I finally got into the game, I was very excited to play.I thpught it would be easy to make shots, but it turned out being hard to at least GET the ball. But after some time, I got used to the opponents defense and found out how to get the ball from my teammates. I at least helped my team by getting a couple of offensive, and defensive rebounds.

As soon as I got subbed out of the game, I was “observing” a few things from the game with my teammates. We were discussing about their deffense and how to overtake it.

I got subbed in once again. But this time on the third possession, I scored a three pointer. I heard a few people from our bench cheering up our team so we can be energized and so we could play good. Right after that three pointer, I got an offensive rebound and scored a lay up. I played for a long time until I finally got subbed out.

I watched the rest of the basketball game. It was then time to give a handshake to the other team. When the handshakes were over, I walked out of the court and went home with my dad.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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