NJB- A new league

I have finally joined a new basketball league in San Jose CA. The league is called NJB (National Junior Basketball). It is a very competitive, and exciting league. It’s way better than the other league I used to go to. The better thing is, is that we get to be a travel team.

The games didn’t start yet, but my dad put me in a team were i have practices scheduled every week. The team is called San Jose Naturals. We not only do basketball drills in practice, but we also make sure we have upper body strength, arm strength, and leg strength. We do a variety of drills to make sure we are strong and healthy. But during the middle of the day, I feel really tired and sore. But our coach just tells us to keep doing the drills continuously, then, we will be used to it. I really find these practices more hard-working than the ones in Michigan.

Another thing is, if you want to qualify into a team, you first have to get signed up into the league, then got to the NJB tryout, held in a certain area. If you do good, you’ll be in a team which as a good record. But if you make a lot of mistakes, you’ll be in a team which has a lot of beginner players. But when I tried out in the beginning, I made into the good team. But after you try out in the beginning, you can then try out for All Net. All Net is a division were all the good players play. If you then play good in All Net, you will then be in the All Star team were your team can travel to places such as Los Angeles. But you don’t necessarily have to try out for All Net. It’s your choice.

From what I think this far, I think that NJB is a really good league. I just hope I play good and probably make it into All Net.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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