Google Maps saved the day

This is a real, true story that happened yesterday night at a hiking place at Cupertino California. At 6:30 pm in the evening, my family (including me) and my cousins went to hike in Rancho Hiking Trail. The first thing we saw when we entered the trail was people flying big and unique remote-controlled airplanes. Everyone was looking at it with pure amazement. I was fascinated by the takeoff and the landing of the mini plane which made me want to use it myself. But I had some adventurous hiking to do ( which I hate doing ).

When we were about to enter the hiking trail, we had to get a map and set the GPS on my uncles i phone just in case if we get lost. So we all went off into the mountains of Cupertino. For the first half mile all we could see were wide open areas were things such as tennis courts were held. then after about one tenth of a mile, we started to get into the mountain and into the woods. That’s when my younger cousins and my sister started to talk about getting eaten by a mountain lion and what they would do to survive. Well, I found that conversation annoying to me. There were two trails, the first one was Coyote Trail and the second trail was called Wildcat Troop trail. So we decided to go on the Wildcat Troop Trail. When we were literally in the mountain, that was when the conversation started to stop. So my younger cousins and my sister were looking out for the appearance of mountain lions.

I just ignored that lookout for mountain lions and simply started to hike on top of the mountain. After about 3 or 2 and a half miles of hiking, we turned back to leave. So when we walked back , there were two entrances, so we took the one on the right. But just to tell you, that was the wrong one. My dad and my uncle were really confident that we were going on the right trail. But slowly and slowly, their confidence started to go a little bit down when they found out that the trail was taking us up instead of taking us down. But the worst part was that it was getting really dark. But my uncle had a flashlight on his i phone ( i phone 4 blackberry with GPS). That flashlight was bright enough to light up 1/4 of a kitchen. So as we went on the trail in the darkness,we saw a sign that changed everyone’s hope. The sign said : End of Trail. Every “Girl” was scared until we saw two roads. We didn’t know which one to pick so we thought about it and picked the right one. You might be thinking it was dumb of us to not use the GPS. We did, but google maps wasn’t accurate about the direction were going to, but my uncle fixed that problem and it told us to walk right. We walked about 700 feet and saw something that wasn’t expected to be seen. That ” something” was a mountain lion. My dad says it was a deer but most of us agreed that it was a mountain lion. My aunt was really scared. She was so scared that if we stayed there for another half an hour, she would burst into tears ( same thing goes to my mom ). After 20 seconds of when my aunt said she was scared, google maps told us to walk about o.1 miles more until we reached to our destination.

None of the people agreed except for my uncle and my dad ( they had confidence ). We walked until we saw the entrance which we came from. It was miracle. Google maps saved the day. I now have an experience of how it is to be lost in the nature. It’s scary, but when you get lucky and then get saved, you feel like partying and dancing. That’s just what my sister and my younger cousins did, they sang and sang and sang until we found the car. My uncle scared my aunt by saying ” Oh no, I can’t find my keys!” I fell for it, but my aunt was like ” Oh my gosh!” We got into the car and went towards this Indian restaurant, and that is the end of the epic,adventurous, and wild hiking day.

My dad told me to write some tips for you when you go hiking.

1. Always charge your phones before you go hiking.

2. Don’t go hiking in the evening in the Spring or in the fall. ( it gets dark very early).

3. When you go hiking, always stick to only one trail.

4. When you go hiking and get lost, don’t panic, but just find some lights and head towards there.

5. The most important thing to do when you get lost, is to have confidence that you WILL find a way to get out of the trail.


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