Rajon Rondo- Biography

     Rajon Pierre Rondo was born on February 22, 1986 in Louisville, Kentucky. His father left the family when Rajon was 7 years old. To contribute to the family, his mother worked at a tobacco company. After some months, Rajon got interested into basketball.

      He attended Eastern High School. Rajon played so well in basketball that he was named to the McDonald’s All American-Team. He averaged 29.7 points each game.

     Rondo attended University of Kentucky where he averaged 8.1 points each game. When it came to the 2006 NBA Draft, Rondo was the 21st pick overall. He was picked by the Phoenix Suns but then got traded to the Boston Celtics. His position was Point Guard.

      It took a little bit of time for Rondo to be in the starting lineups. He has set a record in his team for the most assists and steals made in a game. Rondo also got selected for the Rookie and sophomore All-Star game.


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    that a cool blog. Keep going people likes info that they can find them in a same place… got it?
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