Derrick Rose- Biography

       Derrick Martell Rose was born on October 4th, 1988 in Chicago, Illinois. When he was young, his brothers taught him how to play basketball. Then, he got interested in basketball even more. So eventually, he played in many basketball leagues.

      Derrick went to Simeon Career Academy where he played basketball in High School. He led his High School team into becoming number one in the league and he was then considered Illinois Mr. Basketball.

      After High School, Rose attended University of Memphis Tigers. He led the Tigers to a championship against the Kansas Jayhawks with a score of 85-67. Then, in 2008, Derrick was the Number one pick in the NBA Draft.

       Derrick got selected to the Chicago Bulls. In his first eight preseason games, Rose was selected Rookie of the Year award for his outstanding scoring, ability to grab rebounds, and all the assists he made. On May 3, 2011, Derrick Rose earned his first MVP. He was the second Chicago Bulls player to earn an MVP in Bulls franchise.


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