Snakes are one of the most deadliest animals in the world. Even though some snakes aren’t poisonous, they can probably bite. or squeeze its prey or enemy to death until they die. Some snakes, such as the cobra, and the viper, will inject venom through its fangs inside its prey’s body. If it happened to humans, it would cause them to see blurry, it would also cause them to faint and get headaches. The venom inside the snake is stored in the back of its head which goes to the fangs when the snake is about to bite.

        Since snakes cannot chew or bite their prey, they have to swallow the whole meal. That’s why mostly all snakes have flexible jaws that can open wider than the snake itself. Some snakes first inject poison, and then eat their prey while other snakes eat their prey whole and alive. When a snake has swallowed its prey, the snake’s body absorbs everything from the prey except the outside parts such as claws or fur.

        Snakes that aren’t poisonous could sometimes cause tissue damage or they could even cause an infection when they bite. But the thing most people are worried about is poisonous snakes. There are some snakes that could kill people even if they aren’t poisonous. Such as the Anaconda. It squeezes its prey to death and then it swallows it. It can eat animals such as a crocodile! always be careful of what kind of snake you see or touch.

This is the Snake's Poison.


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