2011 NBA Champions

       The Dallas Mavericks have now made history for their NBA team. Although their team is very old, they proved that an NBA team can not only win with All-Stars, but they can also work with terrific teamwork. That’s just what they did on sunday night. Oh, what did they do? They won their team an NBA championship for the first time in the franchise history. Dirk Novitzki came off of game 6 being the MVP for the Mavericks. 

            Lebron James lead the Heat in scoring of a total of 21 points. Also, Dwayne Wade had a total of 17 points. The Miami Heat had a big battle last night. They played with a very aggressive game but couldn’t knock down as much as shots as the Mavericks. Lebron James was very frustrated after the game as well as Chris Bosh.

  •           The Heat will work hard next year to earn themselves a championship next year as the Mavericks will try to win another one. These are the new 2011 NBA champions.

About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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